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New Dreamland

Our vision is to create a major visitor attraction for the UK providing ‘something for everyone’; one that thrills and delights families, groups and individuals who are looking for a great day out; one that reaches out to those who cherish British popular culture and the famous seaside amusement park experience.

We also aim to create a world-class events venue that becomes the natural home for events and festivals to celebrate the history of popular British culture of music, youth culture, film and design throughout the year. Dreamland will become the natural location choice for media, film, music and TV to cover these themes and will stimulate lovers of the arts and design with multi-generational appeal.

We will use up-cycled materials to help tell Dreamland’s rich heritage story and deliver a park that will be a visual and sensual delight. It will surprise and evolve into an immersive environment that has been created with imagination and flair to help describe Dreamland’s important place in British amusement park history.

From the large-scale gathering and restoration of historic rides from around the UK, and indeed the world, to the smaller-scale collection of amusement park artefacts there will be an assemblage of evocative content.

Classic rides and amusement park paraphernalia beyond restoration will be imaginatively re-used to provide park and café furniture, innovative light installations, photo opportunities and set dressing - anyone fancy taking tea in a Waltzer or enjoying a milkshake in a rescued dodgem car?